Negative Stigmas to Positive Results – Dr Michael A Civin, PhD

Dr. Michael Civin

It is interesting that mental health professionals have gotten such a bad reputation. The negative stigma surrounding the psychology industry is starting to lift and the reprieve couldn’t come fast enough. Society has been adding stresser upon stresser which has made people even more psychologically in need of assistance. Also, the violence, bullying and other injuries that damage the psyche are at an all time high. If one could simply move themselves beyond the negative stigma, they could find themselves with positive results.
One of the greatest downfalls the negative stigma has caused is that of a mental health professionals shortage, especially in highly stressed and populated areas.

Dr. Michael A Civin, PhD has been passionate about helping people since the beginning of his adult life. He became a psychologist in order to help people from the deepest roots of their problems. Dr. Michael A Civin, PhD has an awareness of the shortage in his area of New York City and because of this he is always aiming to make room for new patients. He offers services ranging from appointments, preventative care, medical care as well as ongoing patient care in order to ensure that whatever kind of help that is needed, he is able to provide it. People don’t always seem to understand that therapy and the field of psychology is really just an opportunity to get to understand yourself better so that you can make good choices for your future.

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